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About Learn N Prep

LEARN N PREP (LNP) is currently India’s largest growing online learning app, which provides affordable and comprehensive learning experience to students of classes 6 to 12 and those preparing for JEE and NEET exams. We also help students in preparing for CBSE Board, Olympiads NCERT solutions, sample papers, NEET, JEE Mains, previous year papers, which makes us a one-stop solution for all resources.

LEARN N PREP strive hard to make the learning experience prudent and cost-effective for all students. We endeavour to develop an extensive intellectual structure for students, where they get a futuristic learning experience with study material and resources.

We victoriously provide students with intensive courses by Kota’s top faculties and personal mentors. LNP strives to make the learning experience comprehensive and accessible for students of all sections of society. We believe in empowering every student and providing the best quality education, helping them to turn their dreams into reality.

We understand that every student has different needs and capabilities, which is why we create such a wonderful and unique curriculum that is the best fit for every student.


Learn n Prep build a bridge in the education sector by providing a platform for people to flourish their entrepreneurial potential & innovative skills leading in improvising the quality of the education ultimately fulfilling the commitment to serve and dedicate for students quality education and development of their true potential.


To become a leading Ed-tech service provider and to accomplish this, we are contributing our share in countries growth through empowering every student and providing the best quality education.

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